Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pidyong's Revenge

Wendy from Touch of Siam Spa

Located about 3 minutes drive from Mr. Kabab on West Ave. going Edsa. It's basically a hole on the wall with no lights on the signage so it's really easy to miss if you're not careful. Entrance fee is 600 Php inclusive of massage and the use of their shower and steam sauna, it's a fair price but a bit too cramped for a guy my built. I ended up with this therapist named Wendy, if you're a real man your likely aware that this isn't likely her real name. She's petite with fair complexion and long wavy hair just the way you likem', making me even more anxious of what's to come. The massage was really good, way better than what you'd expect from such a tiny frame. Soon as the massage proper was done with she then proceeded with a massage of a different sort sending my brain reeling into the cosmos. Take it from me Wendy comes in highly recommended, you'll definitely get your wallet's worth!

Looks: 7/10- light skinned and bit on the tisay side
Body: 9/10 
Massage: 10/10
GFE: 10/10
@!#- 10/10 

Ivy fro Suenos Spa Libis

This spa is located at Intrepid Bldg right beside Eastwood City, to be more specific it's right at the back of Citibank Bldg. Although Suenos has been around for awhile, I haven't gone there in 2 years preferring to linger in establishments around the Quezon Ave. area. Basically there are 2 noticeable changes since the last time I visited, the first being the entrance fee used to be 650, now it's 700 (inclusive of basic massage) and the second being the new line up of therapists that can be viewed and selected from the receptionist computer. Though I was feeling a bit sentimental about my usual therapist there, overall this bunch is notches ahead at least in terms of looks. After going through the list twice I decided to go with Ivy since I wanted to go chunky that day LOL!

Looks: 8/10- morena pinay beauty
Body: 8/10- voluptuous with bumpers to match
Massage: 9/10 it was a pretty solid massage
GFE: 9/10
@#!- 10/10


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